I am Sorry, but I’d Rather my Future Son Watch My Little Pony FIM than Bully People Over it

I’m sorry, but, I’m just about tired of people accepting and being ok with bullying. Bullying is assholish behaviour. I don’t think you should have to change yourself to accommodate to total complete assholes. Who wants to be the sort of person who torments someone for just doing what they want within reasons?

Look, you do have to learn how to behave in society, but this doesn’t mean you have to cut off every bit of difference from yourself, lobotomize yourself and fit in with jerks! And bullying shouldn’t be considered this normal part of childhood. A rite of passage like getting an infectious, unpleasant disease which is supposed to be good for you somehow, but really just ends up causing you to have some sort of complication that makes your life hell. It shouldn’t be a normal part of adulthood either. We ought to find a cure for bullying and teach children not to do it. Children are capable of accepting difference in other people.

I don’t have kids yet

But I’m on parenting pages a lot. I started doing research about adoption years ago and learned about attachment theory. I figured if I do become a parent one day, it’s a good idea to research it first and there’s so many things I don’t want to pass down to my kids.

Being hit with belts, being humiliated or shamed. Having my future kids fear me.

The way I see it, a lot of people don’t have empathy for kids. Sure, they love their kids, but it still doesn’t stop parents from thinking that hitting kids is somehow for their own good and without being hit they will become thugs who beat up random elderly people.

Truth is, kids need to love and trust their parents more than they need spankings. You can’t really hit random people who annoy you in public. Your boss can’t grab you and smack your behind if you make a mistake at work. If you hit a little old lady, everyone will shout at you, but hitting a two year old child is OK.

This seems warped to me.

I don’t have kids yet, but I was a kid and it seemed being hit taught me to fear and not love and trust.

Will it EVER get to the point when hitting kids isn’t considered normal?

Currently And the Sky Began to Scream is a great song

I cannot stop listening to And the Sky Began to Scream by How to Destroy Angels. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-ruU4MKDsY It’s fantastic. Trent and Mariqueen really sound fantastic together and complement each other’s styles so well.


Last month I saw Nine Inch Nails and they were fantastic. Trent Reznor used to be a lot thinner when I first got into him but now he’s a muscly powerhouse and he was backed up by two sultry black women, which thrilled me. When I first discovered Nine Inch Nails, I must admit he made former religious me kind of nervous. You have this man singing softly about how much he wants to fuck you like an animal. One has to admit, the lyrics to that song have an oddly blatant beauty about it. It’s the honesty I like for one thing, and the idea of sex with someone bringing you close to God is an interesting concept. Man. I love NIN.

I just wanted to get that out before midnight so it counted. So, anyway I was blown away by the awesomeness of this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgXlUxDGFvU . Here is what makes it so fantastic. Masha Scream is soooooooo passionate. You have this passionate, rather shamanic singing juxtaposed with pure metal rocking out in the chorus and THEN you have non-typical metal things such as a boingy-boingy (jaw harp) and some fantastic flutes.


Just as you cannot take anymore awesome, Masha roars in a guttural metal manner as if she conjured that fire just by her powerful growling vocals.

So yes, Arkona is a band you need to check out. They are fantastic live. They are full of energy and passion. Do not be put off by the Russian singing and also ignore all the stupid comments on Youtube. Some of the best music in the world isn’t in English!

I need to blog more, but I am utterly tired today for some reason called being a nocturnal girl in a diurnal world.