You Should Read John Varley and Octavia Butler

Go and get a book by them right now. I spent a lot of money to buy Titan directly off of John Varley’s website because it’s a cool book. It’s weird and imaginative which is just the sort of thing I love.

And Xenogenesis by Octavia Butler is just a brilliant series. it raises all kinds of fascinating issues. My favourite in the series is Imago. For all kinds of obvious reasons.


I need to write in my blog now, and I need to think of a way to get honestly rich so I can write, do art, play music and play pointless games all day long. I don’t want to be a criminal like in the movie Goodfellas or Most of these People are In the Sopranos. The whole point of that movie is being a criminal is very bad. Do not be a mafia person. Also I am not even Italian or male so no one is going to Make me.

Which is just as well. I don’t want to be whacked. I wish there was an easier way to make honest cash. Then I get money and spend too much of it on books, music and soft plushy toys.

Is Joy in Your Life Actually a Sin?

Because people seem to act like it is. Like there’s something wrong with simple basic pleasures like sex, alcohol in moderation. Getting enough sleep. Actually enjoying yourself instead of every day being full of toil, boredom and misery.

Relaxing. Every day being like a leisurely Saturday or Sunday instead of a gauntlet of things one hates.

I long for that sort of life, but it feels like you have to feel guilty for wanting that.

So many churches tell you that you should feel ashamed about being human. That it’s your fault their is sin and misery in the world even though you were not in that garden. You never ate that fruit. That garden never even existed because no one has found it yet.

To me, this concept is warped. It forces people into miserable positions where they stay aching and suffering inside to try to look good for an indifferent society that should just stop telling everyone how to live.

Why are Humans so Social when Most Humans are Such ASSHOLES?!

Too many people are assholes. I’m tired of going out in society and dealing with them. For example, I commute to work every day. There’s two seats on one side, three on the other. People get on the commuter rail and sit in the aisle of the three seats so no one else can have a seat! At RUSH HOUR! They will not move their stupid butts over so someone else can sit down either. or there will be two people in three seats with one free seat in the middle. People will put their baggage there.

People don’t know how to behave when they’re out in society and it’s irritating. It’s folks of all ages, races and backgrounds acting like jerks.

I interrupt this rant to briefly talk about how awesome Stream of Passion is. Their vocalist is so talented! They are epically good. Listen to them.

But it’s so easy to choose not to be a jerk. To choose not to hurt and torment people. To show consideration for other people and not just think about yourself all the time. It’s really not that difficult, so why do so many people choose to be assholes? I’d rather be a hermit than have to deal with society five days a week. I am worn out.

Don’t You Just Love People Who Think Everything is So Simple?

They always have these simple little responses for everything. You say you’re having money problems. They say, “Why don’t you just get a job?” You say you’re worried about being pregnant. They say, “Why don’t  you just keep your legs closed?”

Every problem in life is so easy to solve for people like this with their pithy, stupid generic advice.

The trouble is, life is complex. People are complex individuals with complex problems. Just telling someone to get a job when they are probably pounding the pavement every day isn’t helpful at all. And people like this love to think everyone is so lazy because they can’t do this simple thing that would solve all of their problems. They love to think only they work hard and everyone else is a sloth or a fool.

It’s utterly irritating. Don’t be this way if you can avoid it. The world is complex, sometimes on the journey of life people are stuck carrying a lot of baggage and unless you understand what it’s like to specifically be this person, you have no right to look down on them and torment them with your stupid, simplistic advice no one wants or needs.

Free Speech is a Two-Way Street and Sometimes a Multi-Lane Highway

People love to say something controversial, get responses they don’t like and then moan about how their free speech is being threatened.

But this…is…America Image

In America people are allowed to have opinions that go against the grain. They’re allowed to complain about opinions they don’t like.

Free speech doesn’t mean you get to say some stupid racist, sexist, homophobic, nut-witted, asinine thing and I just get to stand there and nod my head while I think of sending a flock of bald eagles to chase you. It means I get to tell you that your racist, sexist, homophobic, nut-witted, asinine statement is ridiculous and why it’s ridiculous and that you need to get an education because you sound dumber than a box of hair.

Then you can tell me, “You’re so rude.”

And I can say, “Yes, but you keep spouting out ridiculous, outmoded, proven wrong ridiculousness and I just can’t put up with it so I’m going to walk away and read Harry potter. Bye.” Because this… is… AMERICA Image

I can give you a look like this bald eagle and say, “Man, you’re dumber than gym socks.” Or think that, because I have good manners and know how to behave in society.

But let me interrupt this rant to talk about how awesome Jeff Buckley was. Damn, he was so talented, with a voice like an angel.

The fact is, if you don’t want people to argue with you and disagree, you could just not say anything at all, but everyone has the right to express an opinion. Not everyone is going to share that opinion. But there’s a difference between not agreeing with people and saying you don’t and oppressing their right to say what they want to say.

There’s holding an opinion, then there’s trying to take away people’s rights because you don’t approve of them. It’s tricky, so there’s no use trying to over simplify things which is something I despise.

The Tyranny of the Majority or Lack of Theory of Mind

Experts love saying that autistic people lack theory of mind, which they state is the ability to understand that other people have other perspectives and wants that are different from their own. I’m not sure if this is totally the case. The truth of the matter is there’s a lot of people who don’t understand that all human beings are different, distinct individuals with their own wants, interests and desires AND that it’s okay to have different wants, interests and desires.

For example, not everyone is going to love the book you love, and that is okay. Not everyone is going to love your favourite television show. Not everyone wants to live like you do.

Not everyone wants to get married and have kids and this is okay. People are all different. But there’s always people who push for everyone to be like them. They can’t understand other people’s perspectives and as a result look down on people who don’t live the way they do. They label them as unstable or unhappy and they can’t understand how they can go through life the way they do.

They are tyrants.

They’re the people who lecture single people about when they are going to get married. When they do get married they ask when they will have children, as if any of these things are their business. They don’t have to live other people’s lives, but they want to tell you have to live theirs.

Usually when people complain about this, they whine about how they’re being oppressed when many of these folks actively prevent people from living how they want to live.

It’s just irritating. If I don’t want to get married and have children right now, it’s not because I’m looking down on your choice to do that. It’s because I’m not ready yet and I know what I want and need better than anyone else does. Better than society. Better than judgmental people who think life isn’t worth living if it’s not a carbon copy of their lives.