Another rant. Get used to them. I warned you. I have a lot on my mind

Sometimes I read dating books. I’ve discovered they make me want to avoid relationships like the plague. Why do they make relationships sound as if a man is the sun your planet will revolve around, with children as a moon revolving around you and everything has to be about giving up everything you are just to have that man, that sun.

They assume that all men are the same. They want the same thing, the same sort of woman, they come from that same planet after all of men bashing into each other wearing toolbelts that expose their intergluteal clefts as they constantly prove to each other how manly they are.

They assume all women are the same. Loving shoes, shopping, gabbing constantly about their problems. People are so simple, so easy to shove into boxes.

Then there is me. Who if forced at a party will not be in the kitchen with the women or in the living room with the men, but upstairs reading a book and playing with a cat.


Where is a dating book for people who are not convention and have no ability or desire to be that way? For women who don’t want the chest beating controlling alpha male directing their whole lives, but an equal partner. For men who do not want someone who puts them on a pedestal and serves them, but again, a partner? I’m not even sure I want to deal with this mating and dating game. It makes no sense to me. It’s full of rules that are not logical. If you want me, I’ll be reading a book and listening to some sweet iamamiwhoami.



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