Dude. 3rd and the Mortal is AWESOME

So, what I have is synesthesia. For me music is this wonderful drug. It makes me high. I can taste it. I can see keys in colours, feel it on my skin, smell it, taste it. Just BATHE in the stuff. I adore good music. So I’m randomly listening to 3rd and the Mortal and they are fantastic! https://www.facebook.com/The3rdAndTheMortal?fref=ts Here is their facebook page. Check them out. They have a nice sound like bands such as the Gathering. The lead singer has a dreamy lovely voice. Other music similar to this is Bel Canto. I like a lot of really good European bands. Artargatis is another band I have been listening to that is fantastic. They have that beauty and the beast style going on. Arkona is a band where Masha Scream is her own beast. She can roar and call on spirits like a shaman with her voice. 


More music rants later!


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