OK. One more post. A Disorganized Rant

I have some sort of affliction that makes me ruminate over things that annoy me. I think the concept that there’s a norm is a damaging and unhealthy one. That men are on this box, women are in another and we base everything on a simple series of stereotypes, of simple symbols and it’s easier than realizing that everyone and everything is more complex than that.

Now I’m not saying that if you fit into this so-called norm that you are a bad person. The opposite really. If the norm makes you content, then good for you. My problem is the concept of projecting this sort of thing onto all of humanity.

There’s several billion people in the world. They vary. They all have their interests, their passions, their desires. You can’t box them neatly in terms of race and gender and such.


Or perhaps it is I who is the alien. It could be me. My sensory issues get worse all the time. I jump at loud noises, but it is a double edge sword. What makes it hard for me to live out in society fills me with joy when it comes to music and to the things I love. It is what it is. My wiring is mostly a gift. Perhaps it is me who is the alien with no interest in traditional gender roles, in being a simple, easy to categorize stereotype that you need a simple series of buttons, a thin tiny pamphlet to understand.

But i have no desire to be that kind of person. I’m sorry, but I am complex. A several course meal of different tastes and textures rather than a simple soup and this just will not change.


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