Time For Rants that Don’t Totally Make Sense

I’m reading a book about a woman who got pregnant during the baby scoop era of the 60s. It’s weird how people thought about sex then and STILL think about sex.

She talked about how a boy was considered less of a man if he didn’t make a move on a girl, but if the girl didn’t stop him at some point she would be considered a slut and not a lady. But she couldn’t stop him right away or she’d be considered frigid.

Uh, how does that even make sense? She talked about how she wanted sex as much as the boy did, how she fantasized about it but was told by the church that it was utterly wrong to do this.

How is this remotely healthy? Every cell in most people’s body at that age burns and yearns for sex, so why act like thinking about it is such an evil thing? She and the guy she was with used a condom, but it broke in the middle of sex. If she lived in a sensible era she could have just explored her sexuality safely, with the pill as a tool to prevent pregnancy and a decent condom instead of an old one given to him by a friend. There’s other ways to have sex besides intercourse after all. But instead if you want something that creatures have wanted since intercourse evolved in the first place you are considered a bad, bad, wanton evil girl.

I swear this attitude does more damage than a do what you feel attitude, not to mention when it comes to things like abortion.

When a woman is told that the worse thing she can do as a teenager is to get pregnant, of course she will see the fetus growing in her as a horrible parasite draining her of a happy, stable life. As something that has to be gotten rid of in secret instead of a growing potential person.

When you make sexuality into this twisted, depressing thing instead of something normal and healthy, this is a side effect, along with demonizing teenage mothers in the first place. It doesn’t do anyone a bit of good. There was so much pain during this era that could have been prevented. Even now people push this stupidity. Oh, just wait until you get married, don’t do it. And you don’t even give folks the tools to be responsible.

It’s a bit like driving. You teach people to wear seatbelts, and be careful, obey traffic laws and pay attention rather then telling them NOT to drive or to wait until some point that will never happen.


Though I am one to talk. I can’t even drive.


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