Caring about Male Circumcision does Not Mean I don’t Care About FGM

I got accused by Anne Rice of being sexist because I posted about male circumcision. Fact is, you can’t be against FGM and then hand your baby over to be circumcised.

Forced genital cutting is forced genital cutting whether it’s a boy or a girl. There’s no reason for it. It exists for one reason and that is to curb and curtail sexual pleasure.

Folks may say, but men can still orgasm, but there are men who cannot do to their glans being desensitized from having the part that is supposed to protect it brutally cut off at birth. Folks may say, but it’s just a patch of skin and FGM is worse, but realize the most common form of female circumcision is removing the prepuce.

That’s right, women have one too!

I simply care about both men and women and their rights to their bodies.


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