Deaths of Autistic Children

I’m tired of hearing about autistic children being killed by their parents and everyone is sooooooo sympathetic towards the family as if their life didn’t count.

The attitudes about autism need to change. Stop approaching autism as something that is WRONG with a person and start approaching it as something that is part of the person you must work with. Autism isn’t a monster. It’s not caused by vaccines. It’s not some evil demon stealing your child it is PART of your child. We need to work more towards understanding and support.


2 thoughts on “Deaths of Autistic Children

    • Uh, I have it. So how can I not know what it is? It’s not a tragedy. Don’t buy the lies Autism Speaks is trying to tell you. Autistic people are real, whole people with feelings and emotions who need understanding.

      Start by actually listening to autistic people, please.

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