Currently And the Sky Began to Scream is a great song

I cannot stop listening to And the Sky Began to Scream by How to Destroy Angels. It’s fantastic. Trent and Mariqueen really sound fantastic together and complement each other’s styles so well.


Last month I saw Nine Inch Nails and they were fantastic. Trent Reznor used to be a lot thinner when I first got into him but now he’s a muscly powerhouse and he was backed up by two sultry black women, which thrilled me. When I first discovered Nine Inch Nails, I must admit he made former religious me kind of nervous. You have this man singing softly about how much he wants to fuck you like an animal. One has to admit, the lyrics to that song have an oddly blatant beauty about it. It’s the honesty I like for one thing, and the idea of sex with someone bringing you close to God is an interesting concept. Man. I love NIN.


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