I am Sorry, but I’d Rather my Future Son Watch My Little Pony FIM than Bully People Over it

I’m sorry, but, I’m just about tired of people accepting and being ok with bullying. Bullying is assholish behaviour. I don’t think you should have to change yourself to accommodate to total complete assholes. Who wants to be the sort of person who torments someone for just doing what they want within reasons?

Look, you do have to learn how to behave in society, but this doesn’t mean you have to cut off every bit of difference from yourself, lobotomize yourself and fit in with jerks! And bullying shouldn’t be considered this normal part of childhood. A rite of passage like getting an infectious, unpleasant disease which is supposed to be good for you somehow, but really just ends up causing you to have some sort of complication that makes your life hell. It shouldn’t be a normal part of adulthood either. We ought to find a cure for bullying and teach children not to do it. Children are capable of accepting difference in other people.


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