At Least April is Over

But now I am consumed with thoughts of how to change the world. How do you change people’s minds? How do you reach people if a concept is so ingrained in people’s very neurons? It is exhausting and the stress of this usually just makes me want to find a way to get rich, become a hermit and not talk to anyone anymore.

It does not help when a message is louder than others. You can’t hope to have your quiet little voice ring out over people who are more powerful than you, who have more money. Who have more influence. Who can get all the celebrities on their side ready to support them.

Now, this does not mean I’m going to give up. It just means, it’s exhausting and I don’t understand how to get people to listen. Like, look at the dominant message about autism. Sadness. Tragedy. Lives not worth living.

This isn’t true at all. It’s difficult, but not hopeless. We need to change the narrative a bit.

But it’s very difficult over the noise of making people seem  hopeless and horrible in order to make money.


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