Getting Sentimental

People love to get sentimental about things. They love to wax poetical about babies, about soldiers. But when it comes to actually being useful about these things you hear more crickets chirping than in my apartment.

It rankles.

You get all of these people who talk about the sanity of the family and how important the heteronormative family is, but what are they doing to really help families? Does the United States have as much maternity leave in other countries? Do men even make enough money to support a wife and several children? In most cases, no. It’s not the case. Such a lifestyle was possible in the 50s because it was easier to get a decent job (moreso if you were white.) Now, with many jobs being outsourced, it’s more and more difficult to balance family and the need for making money.

Face it. The problem isn’t gays. It’s not feminists. It’s the fact that a lot of politicians and pundits do not even want to do practical things that would be useful to families. They’d rather harp on traditional gender roles that weren’t even as static as they like to think. They want to harp on gay marriage. They don’t want to do anything about things like domestic violence which REALLY hurts families.

It’s easier to get sentimental about things than it is to be practical.


And why is it that women have all the pressure to mold children? Aren’t husbands involved somehow in this too?


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