Ranting and Raving and Offending Everyone

Recently I made the mistake of re-reading the Ender series again. You have to understand that I first read Orson Scott Card as a kid in Junior high school. I read Seventh Son and it resonated with me. I read the Ender series for the first time after college.

The interesting thing about re-reading books is that the books don’t change, but you do. The way you look at the world alters. You’re a character in your own story constantly slowly developing.

It’s always interesting to see what you get out of a book after several re-reads. What I got out of re-reading Ender’s Game is that it’s a messed up series with a troublesome worldview underlining every paragraph.

Now, to some Orson Scott Card seems tolerate and compassionate in his books. It’s his articles that usually shock people with their anti-gay bigotry. Not to mention his constant rants about liberals, feminists and marriage and babies.

But, no, actually most of his books these days are nothing but propaganda. Card will take over a character and force them to preach about heterosexual marriage and babies. It’s deeply irritating.

I don’t have anything against marriage and babies. The choice to marry is up to the individual. I just don’t understand why gays can’t be part of the Web of Life just because people like OSC say they can’t.

We interrupt this rant to point out how awesome Ane Brun is omg listen to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiyWx55DxPU ooo this song is so warm and pretty. I just love her.

Like, in one of his Bean books he had a gay guy spout on about wanting to be apart of the Web of Life so he married a woman who is supposed to be alien and opposite. It’s as if men and women don’t listen to some of the same music and eat the same food and watch the same television shows because they are just so ALIEN.

Also, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea; to have to quash your sexuality, and why? Because a society that doesn’t understand it and refuses to understand it has a problem with it? They need to frigging deal. There’s always been gay people. There always WILL be gay people. It’s not the worse thing in the world.

Children starving is worse. Bullying is worse. Humans destroying the environment. More later.


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