I’m Pretty Sure We Like to Read Fiction to be Entertained and Not Nagged at

At least I do. I hate having a writer take over characters to nag the read. Even if it’s something I agree with like gay marriage, and equal rights, I hate having a character that is a puppet of the writer look up at me from the page and just rant.

Perhaps I am an escapist.

The way I see it, life is hard and frustrating. I’m almost constantly stressed out over things I have no control over. I want to escape to another world.

I do not wish to be lectured! That’s what parents are for.

This is why most Orson Scott Card books suck majorly. The characters look up at you from the page and flat out say, “heterosexual, monogamous marriage is the only way to raise children.” It’s a wonder they don’t say, go, have babies, RIGHT NOW! But get married to a person of the opposite sex first.

It rankles.

Not everyone wants to marry and have babies and not everyone SHOULD marry and have babies. And, there’s some gay people who will be good parents out there. Why deprive them of their place in the web? The whole spectrum, you’re welcome in my web anytime.


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