I am actually not normal enough to understand what normal means

People have a way of using empty phrases and believing that they have meaning. Then you think about them too much and realize, that doesn’t mean anything. It makes no sense at all.

Things like the concept of normal makes no sense to me at all. Like when people pine over it. I’m not sure it even exists. If it exists, I’m not sure if it’s as narrow as people think it is.

What if you don’t want to be what passes as normal because it’s actually quite dysfunctional? And how many people pass down dysfunction as if it’s some good thing. Like giving your children an inheritance, but instead they get fear, pain and mistrust instead of love and trust and good things like that.

What is the point of doing anything if you are not going to think about the consequences?

We interrupt this blog to rant and rave about Sukekiyo. Sukekiyo is Kyo of Dir en grey’s side project. They remind me of early Dir en grey. Never mind that Dir en grey has always loved growling even in Gauze, people pine for Diru’s older style. I love them the way they are. Sukekiyo is early Dir en greyish with less growls and snarls.

It’s quite nice. I need to buy this album but it costs MONEY! Just how does a person get money honestly? I’m watching Breaking Bad again and I don’t want to make crystal meth because meth is bad, you can blow up a meth lab and die and it ruins lives and cartels will want to kill you and I want to make honest non-evil money dammit!

But anyway, Sukekiyo is very good. OK. I was wrong. They DO have growls and such in there. I sometimes worry about Kyo’s vocal cords. Hardest working set of cords in the world. This guy sounds like a one man haunted house. A one person horror movie and then he will croon you to sleep in the end credits and then wake you up with a blood curdling scream.


But, getting back to normal, why is it that people say so many things that have no meaning and they think it means something? What is normal? Should I pine for not being something that doesn’t exist? Because I really do think that trying to be normal is what makes me more miserable than anything else!


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