I am Sorry, but I simply will never understand why people think being gay is a huge deal

Or transgender. Or bisexual. Or various other things.

It doesn’t make sense.

There are things that actually hurt society and people nurture and support these things. They nurture them like baby demons or something. Whole institutions exist to nurture and protect these stupid, useless things.

Some of these same institutions despise gays, transgendered people, the full spectrum of non-heterosexual sexuality.

It really doesn’t make sense.

They do so much harm to gays, lesbians, women, transgender people; more harm than these folks do to society. It’s such a waste. So many people have killed themselves, depressed and worn down, abandoned by their families because of all of this hate.

We’ve lost too many lights and it’s so deeply sad. I wish we’d get over the fact that people are different and just deal with it and stop killing all of these lights.

And why can’t these institutions devote themselves to protecting children? I swear tormenting children is normal to people and it makes no damn sense!


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