If I don’t Have Enough Spoons to Write at Night

I can just cram a lot of writing and ranting in short little bursts throughout the day.

For example, everyone complains about this but… MOVIE REMAKES! Why must every movie these days be a remake? Or it’s some dippy sequel to a story that doesn’t even need a sequel at all.

Such as the Terminator movies after Terminator 2 just don’t exist. Terminator 2 ended perfectly. It didn’t need two more dippy movies that gradually ruins the first two movies to the point that they turn into piles of steaming dog crap.

Which is pretty much what happened with Ender’s Game. Rereading that series and reading the Shadow series ruined the original books for me.

The Shadow series was just an excuse to retcon and ruin characters, make money and nag every reader about marriage and babies. Why the hell would super geniuses travel across the planet to have a dude help them have embryos they KNOW DAMN WELL he’ll steal and sell to the highest bidders? And who in their right mind would want to have babies at 15? Let alone with a man who has a rare genetic mutation that will make him grow huge and die young and painfully! And what is the point of having some gay dude rant and rave about heterosexual marriage and babies anyway? ARG!


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