I’m Sorry, but Some People Just Don’t Want to Go to Proms

But usually when parents of autistic children, some of them, talk about their kids they wonder, will my child ever go to the prom? I didn’t want to go to these dances. People forced me to go! They forced me to wear some dippy dress when I hate dresses. I got forced into listening to terrible music when I wanted to stay home and read and listen to GOOD music like Mozart.

I hate proms and dances.

Though, not all autistic people are going to hate those things. Some might be happy to go. They might need earplugs because of the loud stupid music they play, and they might want softer clothes, but if they want to go it doesn’t mean they can’t go!

But dammit, I hate the fact that people think you’re too happy as an introverted person. So happy that they have to say, no, stop reading so much and get out there and socialize.

But socializing means people, irritating noises, stinky minty smells and general irritation  too many times. Unless it’s going to an awesome concert, and that also means people. At the Tyr/Children of Bodom/Some band i never heard of show people kept screaming about being towels and popping gum and it pissed me off.

People don’t know how to behave when they’re out in society!

Which is what makes me want to go home, listen to some music, read a book and be happy in my introverted way. And maybe I’ll watch Vikings or Breaking Bad or Cosmos, or Scandal or My Little Pony Friendship is Magic or some nifty movie.

That is partying me style.


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