When Dealing with People is Like the NYC Subway System

I am terrified of the NYC subway system. At first It was just a low level anxiety. I’d stand on the edge of the platform breathing that dank, urine smell, eying the third track with fear and misery.


Let me interrupt that to rant about Portishead. OMG PORTISHEAD IS SO DELICIOUSLY SAD.

I would never stand on the edge of the platform lest someone push me on to those dirty tracks, with the third rail filling me with electricity as the train crushes me under its multiple wheels.

But, despite this anxiety, I’d ride the subways anyway. Somehow I’d get through it.

But these days if I am in NYC I will go out of my way to avoid those loud, scary trains. I would rather take a bus, walk or take a cab then get on a subway.

Really, dealing with people a lot of the time results in a sort of low level anxiety. It’s not much different than having to ride those subways.

I have to wonder if one day I’ll get to the point when I just don’t want to deal with most people anymore. Some people are not exactly nice and you should not have to be social with them if you don’t want to be.


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