Now it will at least not make me look like a slacker

So I get that irritating moment of mental blankness where I wonder, what do I want to write? All you can do about that is just write something, anything. Then you get caught up in the momentum of writing.

It’s a bit like flying must be to a bird like an albatross. An awkward take off, and then you’re gliding in the sky.

Where do people get this notion that somehow pain is good for you when pain completely sucks?


2 thoughts on “Now it will at least not make me look like a slacker

  1. Well, I certainly don’t think pain is “good for you.” But it can make you grow. It can be a noble friend, if you look at it that way. Or you can just decide life is hell because of it, and be miserable. Either option is always on the table.

    • Yeah, usually people are like, I am going to hurt you, child and it will be GOOD FOR YOU and I think, usually things that are good for you don’t hurt. Like, if you ate some poison food your body would be like, get it out, get it out and it would make people suffer so they can get all that stuff out of them.
      Or, if a relationship is full of more misery, there’s no use to clinging to such a thing. Cast it aside is what I think. But folks have some weird attitude that this sort of thing is healthy and I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever get this.

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