I am supposed to blog every day!

But I haven’t had time what with work and all and I get home and hardly have any spoons left to do anything but veg.


The problem I have is, why is being gay or transgender or different in any way a big deal to people? Obviously, it is normal to be gay, to vary in terms of gender. Millions of people all around the world are on different spectrums in terms of gender and sexuality. Yet, people still can’t deal.

They can’t understand why people feel the need to come out of the closet and why such people are looked up to as brave.

The problem is that people still refuse to accept that gay people exist, this isn’t a huge deal and it’s not the most evil horrible thing in the world.

I can’t understand why it’s this issue so many churches obsess over. You have people who call themselves Christian preaching about how you have to beat children into submission, yet this doesn’t cause nearly as much of an uproar as men kissing, or women kissing. These folks don’t seem to put as much energy into building healthy families.

It doesn’t make sense and it’s pathological, this hatred of gays, of transgender people, of any kind of variation in people’s illusion of the norm. It’s hurting all of society and it must stop.


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