Free Speech is a Two-Way Street and Sometimes a Multi-Lane Highway

People love to say something controversial, get responses they don’t like and then moan about how their free speech is being threatened.

But this…is…America Image

In America people are allowed to have opinions that go against the grain. They’re allowed to complain about opinions they don’t like.

Free speech doesn’t mean you get to say some stupid racist, sexist, homophobic, nut-witted, asinine thing and I just get to stand there and nod my head while I think of sending a flock of bald eagles to chase you. It means I get to tell you that your racist, sexist, homophobic, nut-witted, asinine statement is ridiculous and why it’s ridiculous and that you need to get an education because you sound dumber than a box of hair.

Then you can tell me, “You’re so rude.”

And I can say, “Yes, but you keep spouting out ridiculous, outmoded, proven wrong ridiculousness and I just can’t put up with it so I’m going to walk away and read Harry potter. Bye.” Because this… is… AMERICA Image

I can give you a look like this bald eagle and say, “Man, you’re dumber than gym socks.” Or think that, because I have good manners and know how to behave in society.

But let me interrupt this rant to talk about how awesome Jeff Buckley was. Damn, he was so talented, with a voice like an angel.

The fact is, if you don’t want people to argue with you and disagree, you could just not say anything at all, but everyone has the right to express an opinion. Not everyone is going to share that opinion. But there’s a difference between not agreeing with people and saying you don’t and oppressing their right to say what they want to say.

There’s holding an opinion, then there’s trying to take away people’s rights because you don’t approve of them. It’s tricky, so there’s no use trying to over simplify things which is something I despise.


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