Don’t You Just Love People Who Think Everything is So Simple?

They always have these simple little responses for everything. You say you’re having money problems. They say, “Why don’t you just get a job?” You say you’re worried about being pregnant. They say, “Why don’t  you just keep your legs closed?”

Every problem in life is so easy to solve for people like this with their pithy, stupid generic advice.

The trouble is, life is complex. People are complex individuals with complex problems. Just telling someone to get a job when they are probably pounding the pavement every day isn’t helpful at all. And people like this love to think everyone is so lazy because they can’t do this simple thing that would solve all of their problems. They love to think only they work hard and everyone else is a sloth or a fool.

It’s utterly irritating. Don’t be this way if you can avoid it. The world is complex, sometimes on the journey of life people are stuck carrying a lot of baggage and unless you understand what it’s like to specifically be this person, you have no right to look down on them and torment them with your stupid, simplistic advice no one wants or needs.


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