Why are Humans so Social when Most Humans are Such ASSHOLES?!

Too many people are assholes. I’m tired of going out in society and dealing with them. For example, I commute to work every day. There’s two seats on one side, three on the other. People get on the commuter rail and sit in the aisle of the three seats so no one else can have a seat! At RUSH HOUR! They will not move their stupid butts over so someone else can sit down either. or there will be two people in three seats with one free seat in the middle. People will put their baggage there.

People don’t know how to behave when they’re out in society and it’s irritating. It’s folks of all ages, races and backgrounds acting like jerks.

I interrupt this rant to briefly talk about how awesome Stream of Passion is. Their vocalist is so talented! They are epically good. Listen to them.

But it’s so easy to choose not to be a jerk. To choose not to hurt and torment people. To show consideration for other people and not just think about yourself all the time. It’s really not that difficult, so why do so many people choose to be assholes? I’d rather be a hermit than have to deal with society five days a week. I am worn out.


One thought on “Why are Humans so Social when Most Humans are Such ASSHOLES?!

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