Is Joy in Your Life Actually a Sin?

Because people seem to act like it is. Like there’s something wrong with simple basic pleasures like sex, alcohol in moderation. Getting enough sleep. Actually enjoying yourself instead of every day being full of toil, boredom and misery.

Relaxing. Every day being like a leisurely Saturday or Sunday instead of a gauntlet of things one hates.

I long for that sort of life, but it feels like you have to feel guilty for wanting that.

So many churches tell you that you should feel ashamed about being human. That it’s your fault their is sin and misery in the world even though you were not in that garden. You never ate that fruit. That garden never even existed because no one has found it yet.

To me, this concept is warped. It forces people into miserable positions where they stay aching and suffering inside to try to look good for an indifferent society that should just stop telling everyone how to live.


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