Just What do Traditional Values Mean?

There’s billions of people in the world and thousands of cultures. Yet folks love to rant about traditional values and how they are threatened.
I never know what this means. It’s yet another one of those confusing terms people love using that just make me think, what are you talking about?
Too much of what people say is empty, but they think it has meaning anyway. Traditional values is one of those things. Do you mean Chinese tradition? Japanese? French? The myriads of people in the salad bowl or melting pot of American culture? Or is this just some term to hold people down to a standard that probably doesn’t even exist how people think it does?
I feel like it exists to limit people into neat little boxes. Maybe a majority of people like these boxes. Maybe many of them like gender roles and knowing where they fit, and having rules and structure. This is ok. What is not OK is to push such things on all of society.


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