People are Using MMS On their Autistic Children and It’s a Bleach

Kerri Rivera and Jim Humble will swear up and down that MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution isn’t bleach. They will tell you it will cure your child’s autism, or cure AIDS or tuberculosis.

Do not listen to them. These people are vile and evil. Why they are allowed to walk around in this world and do such horrible things is a mystery to me. Why aren’t they in jail?

This stuff is actually chlorine dioxide. It will burn your insides and make you ill. To use it on a non-verbal autistic child, to force them to ingest it and use it as an enema should be illegal. It’s torture. It makes these kids defaecate their own intestinal lining.

It’s not going to do anything to cure your autistic child. Autism doesn’t have a cure. What’s needed is realizing that no, your child hasn’t been stolen and replaced by a changeling. Your real child is right there and needs your support and understanding. They can understand everything you say and they know how you feel about them. They are crushed with your negativity and suffering from being tortured by this horrible and useless substance!

Why people like Autism Speaks don’t try harder to quash this is a mystery to me. They have more power and influence than I do. Something has to be done to get this substance off the market and people peddling it directly to prison.

If you know of a parent doing this to a child, speak out and report it to an authority because this can and will kill a child if it’s allowed to continue.


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