Autism Hate is Deeply Depressing

It’s also miserable to read if you’re autistic.

Contrary to popular believe, autistic people DO have feelings and emotions. So reading about how you’re a disaster or a Holocaust who lacks a soul is enough to drive a person to drinking.

It’s just there’s no point to hating who you are whether you’re female or black or transgender or anything at all really. You are whatever it is that you are and this isn’t a horrible way to be unless you’re going around killing and tormenting people and making the world a much more difficult place.

Blaming vaccines or vilifying autism as some child stealing entity does nothing to help autistic people and only means more torment with miracle mineral solution enemas, dull diets and torturous ABA. It does nothing to turn an autistic person into a normal that doesn’t exist.

It really only adds more misery to the world, and who needs that? But to change the hearts and minds of people is extremely difficult.

I don’t think they understand that just because someone isn’t making eye contact or speaking and not responding doesn’t mean they can’t hear, feel and understand every word you’re saying.

It’s amazing just how much hatred there is of autistic people and autism. It’s ruining the world, but I’m not sure what to do about it. The loudest voices are those of hate and fear. Robert Kennedy Jr. said autism is robbing 20 million people of their lives.

I’d say the hatred is robbing people of their lives. Robbing families of acceptance and support that would actually work and bring out the best in autistic people from non-verbal to verbal.


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