Autism is About Adaptation or What is Up with that PROM Obsession?

I keep getting into arguments with people who insist vaccines caused their child’s autism. Usually they pine about proms which I find extremely rankling as every prom I ever been to I was forced to go. I wanted to stay home and listen to Mozart and do my own thing, but no, instead I was forced to wear a dress, which I hated, uncomfortable stockings and listen to loud, obnoxious music.

People have this bizarre concept of normal and things people have to do to be considered normal I just can’t understand.

Like they falsely claim autistic people have no empathy, but they refuse to have empathy or theory of mind for autistic people. If children have meltdowns when it comes to noise or overwhelming smells there’s practical ways to deal with this. Simple things like earphones or earplugs can help, or even going to social events when they’re quieter. The narrative does not have to be “Autism robbed me of my child and a normal life!”

As I am not sure normal exists. This is an interesting counter to this attitude The autistic perspective counts. Autism isn’t a bad thing that happens to families, but something to work with and understand. Perhaps even a non-autistic child won’t want to go to the prom. Or maybe an autistic child might be able to. Maybe they might need earplugs or to only stay for 20 minutes. This isn’t Berk before Hiccup tame dragons, you know. You don’t have to force your child to be like everyone else and then call it healthy. It’s not healthy for autistic people and can lead to a lot of stress and burn out.


2 thoughts on “Autism is About Adaptation or What is Up with that PROM Obsession?

  1. I am not autistic, and I hated prom, especially my senior year prom. *hate hate hate* It was awful. I felt uglier and more stupid at prom than at any other time in my life. If I had children, and they didn’t want to go to prom, I’d say, “Exellent! Let’s go on vacation that weekend!” And leave town.

    • They made me wear DRESSES! AND SLIPS! AND PANTY HOSE! AUGH! Pity I couldn’t have at least worn a suit and at the elementary school dance people were DIRTY DANCING. They were too young for that sort of thing. Ugh. Normativeness. A vacation would be so much more fun than having to listen to bad pop music and dress up to do that.

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