A controversal and personal matter

I despise infant circumcision so much. I know most people will say he doesn’t remember it, it’s cleaner, it’s healthier, it prevents HIV, of course it doesn’t hurt a new born baby to have the most sensitive part of his body cut off. It’s worse do cut women and girls. But none of these things are true. Most men in the world are happily intact. Historically most men have been intact.

Look at Vikings who raided countries. They were intact. Native Americans, Inuits, the Founding Fathers, most of the men fighting the Revolutionary war, the Civil War. People don’t even understand the history of non-religious routine infant circumcision.

It all started with Kellogg. You know him. The invented of corn flakes. A man who was obsessed with celibacy and good health and believed that masturbation caused bad health.

Now imagine if carbolic acid applied to girls’ clitorises had caught on the way circumcision has.

Truth is, there’s no reason at all whatsoever to cut an infant at birth. No reason. It is not cleaner, it doesn’t prevent infections as the men of Europe aren’t walking around with penises covered in gangrene. It won’t prevent HIV when there’s condoms for that. All it will do is change the function of the penis forever and who needs that?

Plus IT’S CUTTING A BABY! Why are people OK with a practice that basically means tying a baby down and cutting him?


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